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159 Eleventh Conc. Road, Harley, ON N0E 1E0
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Schaffer 1622

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Standard Equipment loader 1622

  • 3-cylinder diesel engine Kubota D902, 16.2 kW (22 HP)
  • Hydrostatic four wheel drive with drive pedal
  • Tyres 23x8.5-12 AS, offset +60
  • Genuine Schäffer axle
  • Combined oil cooler
  • Drum brake as parking brake
  • Maintenance free articulated pendulum joint
  • Restraining system for protection roof
  • 1 x LED working headlight front on the boom
  • Parallel lift
  • Mechanically operated additional controller
  • Working hydraulics: 28 l/min
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Hour meter, fuel control lamp and temperature indicator
  • Driver-on-board switch
  • Quick-change frame SWM
Sale Type
technical data compact loader 1622

Type: 3-cylinder diesel engine Kubota D902, 16.2 kW (22 HP)
Output: 16,2 kW (22 PS)
Exhaust gas treatment / emission level: - / V

Standard tyres: 23x8.5-12 AS
Option I: Option I 23x8.5-12 SKD/MultiTrac
Option II: Option II 23x10.5-12 AS/MultiTrac

Electric system
Operating voltage: 12 V

(A) Wheelbase: 1,345 mm
(B) Chassis length: 2,450 mm
(C) Overall length with standard bucket: 3,050 mm
(D) Digging depth: 80 mm
(E) Max. working height: 2,635 mm
(G) Loading height with pallet forks: 2,020 mm
(H) Max. dumping height: 1,510 mm
(I) Front end height: 1,390 mm
(J) Dumping width: 195 mm
(K) Seat height: 1,010 mm
(L) Protective roof height: 1,990 mm
(M) Max. bucket pivot point: 2,230 mm
(N) Overall width / option: 950 / 1,130 mm
(O) Inner turning radius: 970 mm
(P) Outer turning radius: 1,875 mm
(Q) Outer radius with standard bucket: 2,222 mm


Schaffer 1622

All specifications are subject to change. Optional equipment and tyre dimensions may vary operating weight and tipping loads. The Euro type headstock and foreign attachments may have a negative impact on tipping load and parallel lift. Images may contain products or equipment components which are not mentioned or cannot be obtained as a standard. Maximum values for tipping loads and payloads can only be reached with additional ballasting.

Traction hydraulics: Hydrostatic (accelerator pedal)
Axles: Original Schäffer axles, 5 wheel nut rim
Speed: 16 km/h

Brakes and steering
Service braking system: Hydrostatic
Parking brake: Mechanical drum brake
Steering: Fully hydraulic articulated-swivel steering

Fill quantities
Fuel: 25 l
Hydraulic oil: 22 l

Working hydraulics
Delivery rate / option: from 28 l/min / 40 l/min
Operat. pressure: Operating pressure: 200 bar bar

Operating weight protective roofincl. Original tyres, driver and standard bucket: 1,250 kg
Lifting capacity: 810 kg
Tipping load, straight, pallet forkacc. to ISO 8313: 600 kg
Tipping load, straight, bucketacc. to ISO 8313: 800 kg
Tipping load, articulated, pallet forkacc. to ISO 8313: 450 kg
Tipping load, articulated, bucketacc. to ISO 8313: 580 kg
Payload, pallet fork, even groundacc. to EN 474-3: 360 kg
Payload, pallet fork, uneven groundacc. to EN 474-3: 270 kg
Payload bucketacc. to EN 14397-1: 290 kg

Sounds and vibration
Sound pressure level LpA: 84 db(A)
Sound power level guaranteed LwA: 101 db(A)
Sound power level equivalent LwA: 100 db(A)
Hand/arm vibrationacc. to ISO 8041: < 2.5 m/s²
Total body vibrationacc. to ISO 8041: < 0.5 m/s²

tyres loader 1622
Dimension Diameter (mm) / Width (mm) Rim offset Loader width (mm) Tread Tread options
23x8.5-12 580 / 220 60 950 AS SKD, MultiTrac
23x10.5-12 580 / 270 0 1,130 AS MultiTrac
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