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Ag Shield ReCon 300 & 400

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Whether it's horse hay, dairy hay, or grass hay for export, over the last 5 years ReCon owners on 3 continents have proven that you CAN make premium hay, eve if the weather doesn't always cooperate. ReCon 300 does several jobs on your field. Once you have the hay moving 30 MPH, you have many options: ReCon 300 is a high speed super conditions; Quick-Adjust the rolls open to have a gentle fluffer; Move the fins a bit to the side and it sets the swath on dry ground; Swing them a little further you have a swath inverter; Move them a bit further and it replaces the rake to combine 2 swaths into one. Our numbers speak for themselves. Over 900 machines are being used by producers who care about making good hay!
ReCon 300
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Ag Shield