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159 Eleventh Conc. Road, Harley, ON N0E 1E0
ID # 14121093

Del Morino Flash Rotary Tiller

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Specifically designed for small tractors (maximum 1430 lbs / 650 kg) from 12 to 24 HP and ideal for the semi-professional and for the weekend farmer, It is the only rotary tiller in its category which is both a rotary tiller and a stone burier. It can be transformed into a stone burier in two easy steps:
reverse the gearbox to reverse the rotational direction of the tines
reverse the tines so that the cutting edge is in the correct direction.
The FLASH rotary tiller has the advantage of a simple design (no chain, no chain lubrication, no side transmission), which makes it easy to use and maintain – an essential attribute for the inexperienced farmer. Thanks to an ingenious but simple transmission (patented), the tiller tines penetrate the ground with uniformity and consistency along the entire working width of the machine. The transmission is protected by a shear bolt, which assures safe and reliable operation for many years.
Del Morino Flash Rotary Tiller
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